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70 Weeks


Getting Started with AMP

Getting started with AMP Implement these key steps to get up and running with AMP: Create your AMP pages Validate your AMP pages Make your content discoverable Using AMP day-to-day Keep your AMP momentum going with all the resources AMP has to offer. Create your AMP pages See the relevant sections below for: using a CMS, starting from scratch, or converting existing content

Getting Started With Hugo

Step 1: Install Hugo brew install hugo To verify your new install: hugo version Step 2: Create a New Site hugo new site quickstart The above will create a new Hugo site in a folder named quickstart. Step 3: Add a Theme See for a list of themes to consider. This quickstart uses the beautiful Ananke theme. cd quickstart;\ git init;\ git submodule add themes/ananke;\ # Edit your config.